Friday, June 5, 2009

Park City Getaway

This past weekend was so much fun. Our little family went on a little weekend trip to Park City. Lots of fun swimming, shopping, and of course eating! Daddy snapped these pictures while watching the kids so that mom could finish shopping without having to play hide and seek with the kids in all of the clothes. We got this dress for Sophie and somehow she took it out of the bag and asked mom to put it on her, of course mom wanted to save it for another day so we wouldn't have to dirty two outfits. Sophie of course then went and asked her dad. Needless to say we couldn't get the dress off of her.


Here we are on Granpa's boat. Dad and Mom wakeboarding, Sophie Tubeing, and MJ relaxing!

Summer Buzz

Summer is here and doesn't that mean all little boys get their summer buzz. Here is MJ before and after he buzz with uncle Bronson who also got his buzz. Wouldn't it be so easy to be a boy!!