Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marlins Game

MIke is part of Sports Law Society at school and they did some volunteer work at the Marlins game so we were all able to go for free. It was so much fun!!

Biking Babys!

Here are the kids in the new helmet from Grandma so that they could be just like Daddy!! Sophie just loves to pose!

The Race is On

Yes this is Sophie running as fast as she can. The facial expression shows just how intense she was. She was racing around the buildings after feeding the ducks who are completely scared of her.

The only way we can keep them close is if we start throwing food at them.

My Sleepy Child

So this is what happens when my little girl won't take her nap because she thinks she doesn't need them anymore. I was making dinner and sure enough I go to check on her in her room and this is what I find. So I quickly throw the kids in the tub hoping she will wake up for dinner and go to bed shortly after and sure enough. She falls asleep in the tub. "True Barron Girl," that is all I can say.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yea friends at the beach

Sophie was so excited when we got to the beach yesterday their was a whole set of little girls to play with. She was in Heaven.

Evil Kinevil or Hot Rod

He thinks he is tricky and fearless. Fearless yes tricky, mmm not so sure in this case I believe him to be HOT ROD!

These are the best of times

There are so many fun parks around. We set out each day on new adventures and see what we can find. One night I was making dinner and I hear the kids laughing hysterically. I walk in and they have both put these hats on and are laughing at eachother. P.S. Oh yes good times when your little one has moved up to the big girl panies. Come on though seriously the best thing is the tiny rump cheek hanging out. Classis!

Anything you can do I can do Better

It seems like my children are always at some sort of a battle. Either against each other or outdoing each other. As you can see someone goes up the ladder so does the other one. One crosses the bridge and is so excited the other wants to but is just a little to small but sure does battle. Then we make up. Then the process starts over. One is happy one is sad but in the end we all love eachother.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12th, sorry pictures in wrong order these two are suppose to be at the "bottom"

On Saturday we went to Lauderdale by the sea beach, which is by far my favorite beach so far. We had so much fun building sand castles. MJ and Sophie would get so brave run out to the water and as soon as the tide came in they were running as fast as their little legs could take them. Yes that is my son that Mike is throwing out in the Ocean. Mike and I did a lot of body surfing. These pictures are of Mike swimming to catch the wave and being successful. It was so much fun the kids were quite tuckered out. Oh we just thought we would show my two boys tan lines, sorry you are getting a little plummer bum. You have my little dark skinned child and my little red man. I also just have to say that today was the first time we have gone out to eat since being here and it was only because of crazy circumstances. We went to Burger King and got some Whoppers and it tasted soooo good!!