Sunday, August 22, 2010

Live and Enjoy Life NOW!

Thankful, for LIFE!
 I love you Mike, Sophie and MJ. I love all of my family that is to far away from me. But Thanks to all of you for your endless love and support!
LIVE and ENJOY life NOW, Don't WAIT!
So here is my man with my beauty girl he surprised her and brought her 24 gorgeous Roses!
Did I mention he surprised me also!!!

Oh and built me this beautiful bench

and he made me this Frame for my pictures

I am so thankful for a man who can fix and build anything! He is so talented!!

I took the kids to this fun little park 2 mins. from my house we had the time of our lives, can you tell!

These two are just too cute!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SupeR KidS

Look how cute, in their Superman Shirts! These two truly are 
SuPeR! I seriously have the Very Best Kids, 
I'm so lucky I get to be with them. Mom loves you two SO MUCH XoxO!

As if Florida isn't HOT enough, Sophie decided she really needed her bini and mittens. For the Record when she came in she was covered in SweaT.  Never EvEr to Hot to 

"I've got muscles yes I do, I got muscles how about you?"

"Course I do, but I can POSE, can you?"

Beautiful fun in the sun

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What else's been going on?

Family Night at IKEA and Applebees, don't worry we only let them play with the knifes for a little while!

Swimming with Dad is the Very Best!
The Twins, Yes Mike did get MJ dressed that day, how cute are they?

Sophies brand new "Work out Shoes" as she calls them, she has wanted shoes like moms forever we finally got her some and she insists on wearing them everywhere because she "needs to run fast" If only you could all see this little girl run, her middle name is SPEED! She actually ran over 1/2 mile the other day.

Wow, where the Heck have we been?

Ok so I haven't blogged for like a month and yet it has been such an InCrEdIbLe one. Let me start the whole thing off by saying We Moved!! Yep that is right we moved from well I am a little embarrassed to say but I will, for those of you who didn't know we lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment, no it is not a freakin joke it is real. We lived in a one bedroom apartment to save money living a law school student loan life and I couldn't be more grateful to have moved into a beautiful, mansion might I add TWO bedroom apartment. It feels like hEaVeN! Everyone can walk around comfortably and not run into eachother, yea!

Next best thing my sisters and my dear Aunt Verdalee came out and visited us!! It was a slice of the good life, I was in depression for three days after they had left. Those of you who know me probably know that I am pretty close with my family and this is the longest I have ever been away without seeing them, I couldn't believe it until they got here. We had the greatest week, here are some pictures of our activities, of course these are all phone pictures seeing as I kept forgetting to charge my camera, I know so typical of me and not even a hard task, oh well. Our activities were, Beaches, Swimming, Eating at all kinds of restaurants, Cheesecake Factory, The Melting Pot, Olive Garden, Eating all kinds of treats Peanut Butter M&M's, Mike and Ikes, Carmel Bugles, Milk Duds, laffy taffy, Cheesecake, chocolate fondue and yes the result of everyone claiming to go Anorexic after the over indulging week, chatting non-stop, movies, more chatting, and of course LAUGHING!
 um yes Grandma did send a matching outfit for Sophie just like Aunt Brae's, incase you are confused Braelynn is playing the HoRsE.
I know all my sisters are saying, "I can't believe you put this picture up!" Don't worry I told everyone I used a wide angled lense, haha! Um, where did the skinny sister come from, ha ha you know we are all just jealous Quell!oh yes Shopping of course, this is what happens when they don't take their nap! she slept this whole shopping experience. True Barron girl, we can sleep anywhere!

The Olive Garden, is always so good!
Chocolate Fondue for dessert. Something you can never go wrong with!

The Darling Dance Recital, and the ever so proud Mother of her angel girl!