Thursday, December 2, 2010

My baby turns 4!!!

Today is my beautiful girl Sophie's Birthday. She turned 4! I can't believe it. I am devastated that she is growing up so fast. She will start preschool this year, next year highschool, boys and dating, then college, then she will be gone.AAAAHHHH!! It will all go so fast. These four years have flown Mike and I just want her to stay small forever. Never grow up!
Daddy was so sad because today is his first final he had to leave so early, he wanted to start her birthday early so he could be here. So 6:30 the presents began. 
Sophie was so excited about her first gift, what could it be......
A big black dog! She has been asking for this for months!
Look how big he is!!!
Mj was feeling a little left out, so we left him open a gift.
Sophie's newest love is Barbies
What a Great morning, so much stuff!
I guess Santa won't have to come, hahaha!!! 
We Love you baby Girl!! We are so proud of you. The day we had you was one of the greatest days of our lives!! Thanks for choosing to come to our family. Thanks everyone for making this a special day for our little princess! Love you all!