Monday, February 14, 2011

So let me give you a quick run through. It has been an amazing couple of months! Let me start off by saying we were so lucky to have my incredible inlaws come for Christmas. The Bateman family came to south Florida for 10 days. We spent 3 days in Miami and then went up to Orlando for a week. Of course enjoying Disneyworld and Universal Studios Island of Adventures. It was sooo very much fun. But wow it was crazy at all the parks. But everyone was good sports and fought the crowds. Our family was absolutely spoiled!! 
Next thing you know here we are at Valentines Day! I just have to say how lucky I am to have an incredible beautiful family that I get to spend this LoVe day with. Especially my amazingly special husband. I love you babe!! 
Bonus tomorrow We are off to UTAH aaaahhhhh!!!! It has been a year since we have been back and I can't hardly wait to see everyone! I have the greatest family ever and I can't wait to spend the next couple of weeks with them.
We opened presents from the Barron fam before we left! Thanks for all the gifts!
My bro. in law BJ was the best sport and basically took over MJ for the trip. Seriously this is how it was all the time MJ all over BJ. Thanks BJ!! Any ideas on how to break the thumb sucking habit??
Tea Cups of course. My babes love this ride as you can tell.
As if we could escape Pirates of the Carribean without a new SWORD.
My kids showing off their blue cotton candy tongues. Whatever it takes to make it through the crowds right?
You'll never catch her not posing. MJ for sure needed a haircut.
Grandma Cheryl made all of us PJ pants. Look at this cute bum showing off her little Santa.
People can't believe that Mike has a little sister this little. Where would we be without her, she was Sophies best buddy.
Harry Potter world and of course a sucker that is a big as his head.
How stinkin Cute?! People in Florida say she looks like me, what are they thinking? It is totally true both my kids so far look total Bateman. 3rd ones a charm, I might have some proof that I had something to do with them. 
Long story but around 11:30 pm Sophie and MJ got a hold of a Sharpie, this is what we found. Can you tell by their faces that mom was not happy at all.
Happy Valentines Day! Thanks Grandma Great and Aunt Verdalee. We love you, xoxo!