Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you ever find yourself ?.......

I am sitting here looking at my little girl laughing to myself as I find myself thinking and doing things that my parents did!! Things I swore I would never do because it bugged the Heck out of me. What have I become????

*If you ever asked my dad for any type of food, he would always take a bite first. The hugest bites out of apples.
             -I do this every time to my kids food, especially apples.

*I hated doing chores every week growing up please I had such better things to do.
             -If all my chores aren't done every saturday morning, everybody else gets the wrath. I am so happy sunday morning.

*I could never understand why we had to clean our house before we left on vacation. We use to always say, "mom this is so dumb why do we have to clean? Incase someone robs our house and thinks oh wow this house is clean."  
              -Basically I like a constantly clean house.

*When my kids ask why? I tell them "because I said so and I'm in charge"

*I couldn't stand waiting for my dad to check all appliances to make sure they are off before leaving somewhere.
             -Ok I admit it, I don't want something to start on fire.

*This is so little kid of my mother but I love it, randomly my mom will buy a candy bar for herself while grocery shopping. Then keep it in the cupboard for whenever she desires.
             -I love to do this! Come on we mothers deserve it!!

*My mother and mother in law always kept the good treats in a different cupboard. A little higher up than most could reach. 
            -Mike makes fun of me for doing this. "this is so something my mom would do," he says. But come on the Jordan Almonds deserve a special place. They can't be eaten lightly!

I guess at some point we become our parents. And I am perfectly ok with this to a degree, hahaha. Mike and I have the greatest parents in the World. We Love you guys!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yep, We're Still Swimming!

Just laying out and jumping in to cool off.
Dinner at Bru's room, one of our favs!
MJ just ate a lemon, not quite sure....
Sophie's favorite buddy Mike. I know, another Mike that is all we need, haha!
Look what MJ found while mom was out running and Dad was in charge.
Is it fair that my daughter is so much prettier than me, hhhmmmm.
You can't get more handsome than this!
MJ showing his "Michael Jordan" air time! Where would we be with out our dad's help?
So Happy Together!
I live for little moments like this, Love ya Sis!
When Dad's around this is where my kids want to be.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovin' Livin'

I Don't even know how to express how perfect and special these kids are. I love them sooo MUCH!!!

These Swords come everywhere with us. Here he is practicing his amazing skills!
Smiles are contagious!!

How perfect is this little girl. She was so tired she just couldn't make it to a bed.

Drum Roll Please.......... This years Halloween costumes, the one and only gorgeous ARIEL and her protector BATMAN!!

Showing you the moves of Batman and a mermaid princess.