Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party, Puppets, and CoWs?!

Elijah's Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!! Sophie and MJ had so much fun!! I'm not sure who had more fun MJ or Daddy? You get those bad guys!
Puppet Show! So here they are our fun puppets we made Lizzie and Lance!

Cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A. chick-fil-a gave free meals if you came dressed up as a cow. Since a cow costume is not something I have on hand, i quickly threw together cow costumes the Renee Barron Girls Way, no sewing, just tape and construction paper! Sophie absolutely loved it. MJ was not that big into it until we got there and he got to play in the play place with his buddies. We went with Jada, Callie, and Kim. It really was good times!

Can't go wrong with Chocolate Milk, Chicken Nuggetts, and Fries! MJ was all about that!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Lil' ReD,WhItE, and bLuE!

Happy 4th of JULY everyone! We are so grateful for so many things and are so fortunate to live in this beautiful America and all the opportunity it provides. We are a little bummed we missed out on Carrie Underwood and the amazing Utah Festivities but we are so thankful that we got to spend this 4th together as a family with these perfect children. 

Instead of Stadium of Fire, we had the best time out on the Golf course having a little family game. We get to golf for free anytime we want with Mike's job so we take advantage of it. I said to Mike that I really wanted to play a game not just the range, trust me I didn't have to twist his arm at all. He was thrilled, even thrilled to bring a 3 and 2 year old out on the course. It rained the whole time so no one was out on the course. It was so perfect and so fun. Mike and I played the kids ran all over, chased the ducks, had adventures in the forest as they call it, MJ raked the sand traps and Sophie had plenty of performances and poses! Then we topped it off with a Little Caesars pizza, can't get a better deal than a $5 pizza, as Mike says.

Friday, July 2, 2010

BrYn was here!!!

Yea, Aunt Bryn was here for the past 9 days!!! We all loved having her here. Especially me, she was my constant buddy to chat with. As you all know I hate silence and being alone. So bless ya Bryn thanks for  being willing to be my sidekick! And thanks for not complaining about our close quarters and your early wake up calls. Sharing the room with a 2 & 3 year old isn't the most perfect situation.  This is a picture of Sophies "little bed" she calls it. So instead of putting up our queen mattress that would take up the whole floor we got Sophie her own little sleeping bag. She thought it was so AwEsOmE! Naturally as soon as we laid it out for her she needed to get in it and pretend to be sleeping. Also MJ wasn't going to miss out on any of the action, so he jumped in. We are use to being close!!We had so much fun with Bryn. Lots and Lots of fun in the sun. We went to three different beaches, but I think one of our favorite days was at South Beach. We were hoping to see famous people of course because they always are portrayed as just walking around, we are convinced we saw a couple of big famous athletes,(right Bryn.) Anyways we went on Lincoln Road which is right next to the beach. It is a huge shopping area. Just for Fun we went into one of the shops and looked at a dress. Don't worry the price was only $1,800. It would barely cover the necessities too. But wow the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Luckily thanks to Bryn she treated us to Hagaan Daz Ice Cream, unbelievably good! So here is a picture of us right after the yummy ice cream!

Walking out to South Beach!

Ok seriously I was the worst at taking pictures Bryn has all the pictures. But here is proof that she really was here. How cute is she!! Love ya Bryn Thanks for being with us.
p.s. TWILIGHT, Bryn and I went to the midnight showing!!! AAAHHH!!! truly amazing of course. We loved it and even stayed awake for the whole thing. I have absolutely convinced myself that the more I fall in love with Edward, the more Michael John looks like him, haha! Baby you are truly my Edward!!! I LOVE YOU!