Thursday, August 4, 2011

Damon Barron Bateman

Damon Barron Bateman was born on May 28th, 7 lbs. 7 oz. 20 inches. He was 2 weeks 2 days early. Mom was doing everything to get him here early!!! She wanted to meet him and didn't want to be pregnant any longer. We were so lucky to have Grandma Cheryl and Grandma Renee come along with Aunts Sydney and Braquell.

Damon is the perfect puzzle piece into our family! He has been nothing but a joy in all of our lives!!! We love him soooo much. We are so blessed to have him in our family and surprise he looks just like his DAD! Of course 3/3 Batemans, 0/3 Barron looking children. HAHAHA!!

Here are some pictures of his 2 months of life thus far.

Brand New Baby

Newest member of the Buddies

Leaving the Hospital

Newborns love to sleep

Sophie (aka the second mother) with aunt Sydney

Size difference

Grandma Cheryl, Aunt Sydney

Grandma Renee, Aunt Braquell


First Smile and Cooing caught on Camera

Baby Blessing

Wanna be like Daddy

First trip to Park City
Aunt Brae holding Damon

Loves to smile!!!


Justin and Toshi said...

Oh my goodness! I think he looks just like MJ...LOVE his little smiles! By the way - you look AWESOME!

The Robinson.s said...

oh my gosh Bree... He is so cute! all of your kids are darlig! Congrats! hope you are doing good, you look amazing!!!

Whitney said...

I love him. Love him.

Carli said...

I love this little guy so much! I am so glad we got to meet him! You guys do a good job of making adorable nieces and nephews for me!