Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preschool and Playing

Sophie started Preschool!!!! I can't believe it. She was so excited and looked so darling. I couldn't even show her that I was devastated to have her leave. Here in Florida preschool is everyday for 3 hours a day. She is in a little private preschool where they have to wear uniforms. So here she is on her first and second day, modeling (of course) her two different uniforms. 
 Sophie Girl I love you so much! I am so proud of you and can't believe how fast you are growing. I miss you so much when you are away from me. Even if it is only for 3 hours it feels like forever. You need to stop growing and stay my little girl. Like your daddy always says we wish we could freeze you to stay this age forever!! You are our perfect little princess girl! Have a fun year at preschool!!

Day 1: Red Uniform

Day 2: Blue Uniform

Lucky ME!!! Look who I get to spend my couple hours every morning with??? This handsome dude. Mj you are my guy, my chapion, my machete boy!!! I love you so much!

So here are some pictures taken from Damon's Blessing by my incredible sister in law Bryn.  She is so talented! Thanks Aunt Brynie!
It is crazy to see how much Damon has changed in 1 month. The time goes by way to fast. WHY, is everyone growing up so fast?????

Look how different he is. My little chunk!

Always so much fun things to do with my 2!

Making PJ shirts

Rainbows and stars

Muscle Man and Tatoos

Jumping on the tramp in the sprinklers and finishing off with a nice tub to rinse off.

Being a MOM is so much FUN! I LOVE IT!!! 

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