Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Outfits!

Thanks so much Mom for these darling outfits! Everyone at church loved how darling the kids looked! We love you Grandma!!

M.J.'s Tricks

Yesterday we were out at the pool having such a fun time and MJ watched Sophie jump off the edge and swim around. Well since it is still chilli (the water) MJ's not sold on jumping in full force. So this is what he'd do instead.This is for you gorgeous Aunt Braquell! My sister Braquell spend hours upon hours teaching my kids little secret handshakes and sayings. So last night in the tub I caught MJ and Sophie doing this. I grabbed the camera so we could show Braquell, We Love You!

Friday, March 26, 2010

22 Months and Golfin like a PRO

We met Mike at the range one evening and all had a great time. Mike coached all of us on our form and swing. I brought dinner and we had a little picnic. No it wasn't even cheesy it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DuNkIn DoNuTs, YuMmY!

Today I had to go get an oil change and my tires rotated. I called yesterday of course to get an appt. so that I wouldn't have to wait forever with two little children. Naturally it still took 2 hours, Unbelievable!! Fortunately the first hour we walked around town and made a pit stop at a Dunkin Donuts to kill some time. They were alright but Sophie pretty much thought they were the best thing she had ever tasted therefore 2 of the 3 donuts we got were inhaled by her alone!! (Truly my daughter) "Step away from the donut sophie." As said to me many times by my own mother. So I was pretty pleased with myself on my oil change because I had a coupon of course while sitting at Dunkin Donuts I receive a call, "Mrs. Bateman we can't do just a regular oil change on your care you have to have the special much more expensive one" Naturally i thought to myself just put it on my tab, please and eventually start taking my limbs!

Look at the chocolate on that face. Also notice my son in the background of course trying to climb the door. Why would he ever just sit down?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Favorites this Week

Eventful week with my two beautiful babies!

#1 MJ coming into our bed at 6:00 a.m and with his scruffy little voice saying "WAS UP mom"
#2 MJ and Sophie coming into our bed alternating every other hour until it is now 6:00 am and no one is going back to bed.
#3 Mom waking up because she feels all wet, looks over and at some point Sophie joined her and has now peed moms bed!

Oh the JOYS of being a parent, wouldn't change it for the world!

Primary Easter Egg Hunt, March 20th

You absolutely have to love my daughter as she is modeling her easter basket, come on where would we be without the Leg pop?! MJ is preparing to blow everyone a big slobbery kiss!

Our Primary did a little easter egg hunt activity. It was a cute idea, instead of each egg having candy. Each egg had an object in it that symbolized the true meaning of Easter. They told the story of Christ and the resurrection. My kids loved to be there with their other primary friends.

Friday, March 19, 2010

CoOkIeS or PaNcAkEs ?

SeRiOuSlY if anyone knows the trick to having your cookies rise, I NEED IT! Honestly my cookies always come out flat as pancakes, yummy but flat
As you can see we LOVE cookie dough!

A day with Dad! GO COUGARS!!!

Today was so much fun. We got to spend most of the day with our Dad. Here we are at the Park, It was a blast!! Daddy pushed Sophie so high that she touched the screen that covers the park! AAAHHHH! She was laughing her head off

Then we were lucky enough to watch the BYU Cougars win! All together we were cheering like crazy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disneyworld Jar, Donations accepted!!

Growing up my family went to Disneyland at least once every year, sometimes twice if we were lucky. We always went with my cousins the Deerings. These are some of my favorite memories!! We would prepare for months to go. Whether it was making classic family shirts so we all were the same. (Not that two mormon families with lots of kids didn't stand out enough.) Lets just all dress the same. But seriously I loved that we did this. Another thing was My mom would give us these jars and as we were good and did jobs we got paid big money to put in our jar and that was our money to spend however we pleased at of course the happiest place on earth! Well I am so excited to say we, our little family of four is headed to Disneyworld!!! I can hardly wait!! So I decided to do a jar for Sophie. Now lets realize our law school living situation we may not come back with any toys but Sophie may have enough money to buy her own CHURRO! So here is our beautiful jar Sophie has designed, please note Donations are accepted for the Sophie Disneyworld Fund!!!

Inside Day! Nacho's anyone?

So today is a rainy day, boo! Which means it is an inside day of activities with mom, Soph, and MJ. Well what shall we do? Build castles, built trains, color (2 times),dress up (at least 4 different outfits) lunch, movie time. MJ successfully napping AAAHHHHH! a little girl time. So Sophie and I decide to make some nacho's. Classic snack at this Bateman home and at the Barron home as well, little chips little cheese, little mango salsa! Oh yea we are talking the good stuff. So my little smarty pants Soph, is so wise in her selection of Nacho's. If there is no cheese on that chip then there is no Nacho in Sophies mouth. Therefore she so generously eats all the good chips and kindly hands mom the plain ones. I have taught her well!! And to prove she is truly my daughter, after the first plate of Nachos is successfully gone, she ask for some more. Of course being the mother and knowing that the nachos are not helping my figure. I agree but assure myself I won't eat any. WRONG again, come on who am I kidding!
Here is our long train, longer than the kids combined, and a little pose from the builders.
Thanks Aunt Nittnee for the summer dress! We love it! Don't let that little smile fool you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Library Time and of course The Park, March 16th

Another beautiful day at the park. So after library time we walked to one of our favorite parks where the kids had too much fun. They were spinning on this little saucer type thing and then beginning to fly. Listening to them laugh was priceless.

Amazing I know the socks with the shoes. But you can't help but let them wear it when they are so proud of themselves because they got dressed themselves.

Library time, the kids love to go read a huge variety of books. The closest library to us is Broward Community College Library. They actually do a really great job in the childrens section. So yes it is 2.5 miles from our home and to cut back on gas money I have decided to walk as many places as I can within reason. I did walk to the library today with the children it was great. The weather was so beautiful I didn't even break a sweat. Unfortunately who even knows how long that will last.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things Moms are so GrAtEfUl for!

How grateful should all of us mom's with young children be for yes washable marker, washable water colors, chicken nuggetts, and yes oh yes knowing it can all be washed down with a little Diet Coke Vanilla!! And after all is said and done the big kiss on the lips saying "Mom I love you so much!"

77 degrees and sunny

Yes we were out at the pool today. No the water was not warm but bless my babies hearts they were in it. Sophie swam around no problem, MJ jumped in full on cannon ball and came up screaming, jumped out and didn't get in again. But you bet ya first real sun in a while and yep mom is a little crisp, gonna be feeling it tonight!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Favorites this Week

Alright so by far the favorite things this week were:

#1. Sophie saying everytime MJ acts up and needs a little discipline lesson "Mom he is being so "Ffridiculous" Yes that is an F in front of ridiculous. It is the cutest thing you have ever heard. I wonder where she heard that word.

#2. Sophie making the comment to her mom and dad " What the heck is going on" Yes out of the mouths of babes.

#3. In primary they have been talking about the creation. So Mike and I have been talking to Sophie about plants, trees, flowers, and water so she will be prepared for primary each week. Well Mike explained that water keeps us clean and it helps all those things to grow. He told her that trees make the air clean and help build houses. Sophie has got it down pat, so shortly after we quiz her on the new knowledge she has received we then hear her teaching MJ and quizing him. If he gets it right she is so happy for him and says "Oh good boy MJ"

#4. When MJ gets into trouble, (which is never come on) sometimes it means he has to go into his bed. Well I caught him disciplining sophies baby doll Sadie and immediately she was thrown into the crib with a harsh "no baby"

Our children are always watching and learning from us good or bad, yikes!!! We'd better all be GOOD!

My how the days go by.

This past week has just been the most beautiful weather. We went to the park on Monday. Cafe a Latte' Fun on Tuesday, Park on Wednesday, Rainforest Cafe Playplace on Friday and Beach on Saturday. The Kids love being able to run around and play outside and so do I haha!

Sophie Swimmin in the OCEAN