Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Smile, So Lucky!

Ok how can you not just smile when you see these beautiful children and their big SMILES! Yes, that is right I am the lucky mom of these two beautiful children and I couldn't be HAPPIER!

"Blue Crush"

So this is my "Blue Crush" picture. Checking out the waves before she goes in. And look at her cute little body. I love that teeny tiny bum, Where did she get that? Seriously?And this handsome hunk!!! Seriously everywhere he goes these days he accessorizes himself with one of Daddy's Hats. It is just way to cute!So our best buds the Robisons invited us to the beach. Justin dug this huge hole that the kids absolutely loved. They eventually all 3 got in and it was pretty cute!
Thanks Robisons we had a Blast!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

DiSnEyWoRld AdVeNtUrE!

7:30 a.m. Monday, May 17th, Bateman family on the road headed to the place where "all your dreams come true," Disneyworld!! So So excited!!
On the tram leaving the parking lot headed to the Monorail to enter the Magic Kingdom, all SMILES so far!We Made it just take a look at Cinderella's Castle just waiting for my little princess Sophie to grace it with her presence.Of Course of all the rides one of my childrens favorites was the Classica Carousel! No Joke, we rode this ride 5 times in a row. Our kids truly loved all the rides, they just hated to have to get off of them. That was the real battle!Day 2: Headed into Hollywood Studios. My Sophie Girl striking a pose, get her picture face on early in the morning!Day 3: Animal Kingdom! Yea Jada is here!!Waiting in line for the rapids, Sophie and Jada were so excited they met the height requirement.     Finding Nemo Show with Kim, Jada, Bree, and Soph.My Handsome Boys!On the African Safari, this was so fun for the kids to see all of the animals.                                  Day 4: Back to the Magic Kingdom. This was Classic MJ trying to pull out the Sword in the Stone! He would get so upset when it wouldn't pull out. His face and body language said it all! Even though he didn't pull it out, he is definitely our KING! Love you Champ!!We truly enjoyed our little family vacation! Thanks babe for being the greatest Disney Dad!! Thanks Merrills and Wernli's We Love you guys and are so grateful for the best friends, you are our family! Family thanks for all of your Disney Jar donations to help make this trip possible!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Strike a Pose - VOGUE!!"

Ok truly I know what you are all thinking, no I do not do this at home for Sophie to see and then try and have her practice it. This is purely my little girl literally everytime we are almost anywhere saying mom," please take a picture of me and I will pose, ok!" I don't know what to think of it, hilarious I know but should I be worried that my daughter wants to be or thinks she is a runway model. Oh well if she does I think she is. The funniest thing about this is now MJ is so use to his sister saying "mom, pose" that he will do it after her. It's almost as if he is making fun of her but you can see in the solo picture of MJ that he is posing with a leg flip and a super cheezy grin. I think/hope he is just teasing!!! Oh the other cutest thing is that after every picture MJ will say "Good Job Sophie!"The look off into space and Yea he's my little brother, we really do love eachother!This one has to be close to my favorite! The Classic Serious look, "like what"Cutest little smile you've ever seen as I non shallantly put up my leg!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

look what I saw

This is the view I saw when I walked in from my early morning run on thursday. Pretty priceless huh! Sophie watching a movie on the computer with dad's headphones on while dad keeps up on his rest. He has been working really hard as he is in finals. Lots of late study nights.

Thanks Grandma Cheryl!

Thank you Grandma Cheryl for the amazing birthday package! MJ is going to be a prepared little stripling warrior because of you and all your hard work!

A Woman loves a Man with Money!

Thanks Aunt Nittnee and Uncle Corey for the Birthday Money!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come on break 6 FEET!!

So I have always been told an old wifes tail that when your child is 2 yrs. old you are suppose to measure them and double whatever the height is and that is how tall they will end up being. So on May 4, 2010 we measured MJ. The first time mom measured him and he was 35 inches. But his father who is bound and determined to have him be 6'4" was not to pleased so he measured him again. Made sure he was standing straight against the wall and boom he was exactly 36 inches. So we are all going to start hoping and praying that this kid breaks the 6 ft. mark. Come on MJ! You can Do IT!

Princess Girls (don't forget the prince)

Look at how darling these little Princess are in their Princess hats. The minute I said lets take a picture all of the sudden my little Champ slid right into the picture. "Priceless"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Champion Boy turns 2!!

Let me start off by telling my little boy that he is the sweetest thing in my life. Let me explain as a new born MJ wasn't the cutest baby and I was a little weirded out because Sophie was such a perfect beautiful baby but Sophie never wanted much to do with her mom. MJ's first night in the hospital he snuggled up to me the whole night and from then on I knew he was my little prince charming. He has always been a kind of a momma's boy in a good way, meaning he is sensitive. He is also kind of a pain in the bum too but I love him so much. I love that he is so rough and aggressive you don't get more boy then him. I love that he is so into sports and is so naturally good at them. I love that whenever he gets hurt he comes up to me and says, "mom, kiss it better." And once I do everything is o.k. I love that he wants to jump off everything no matter the height. I love when he throws his arms around my neck and with a big squeeze says, "I love you so much." I love that he says all the things he's not suppose to because he heard mom say them once. MJ you are truly special and a choice young boy. Mom and Dad are so lucky that you came to us. We Love You. You are and will always be our CHAMP -e- ONE!MJ wanted donuts instead of a cake, so we put the candles in the donut. Uh yea don't judge me I spaced the candles, so yes they are just matches, sshhh he'll never know.
MMMMmmmmm, can't go wrong with a donut.
Honestly how darling is this little boy.
One of his new toys a fun truck.
For dinner I made the famous Outback Steakhouse homemade Mac n' Cheese. As obviously Mac n' Cheese is one of my childs favorite meals and yes it was a hit!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Those are NOT whitie tighties

Check out that tan line!

Family Night Finger Painting

For family night we were finishing up our mothers day gifts for the Greatest Mothers/Grandmothers in the world when we decided to turn it into a body art party as well. As you can see MJ loved it Sophie was a little upset at first but then when Dad put it on his own face everything was fun and o.k.!!