Saturday, June 19, 2010

life is always so FUN!

First day of Dance Class, Sophie was so excited. MJ was her prop!

The Course, The Cheerleaders, The Competitors

Dancing and Singing in the Rain. Waiting out the storm.....Anything to SwIm!

Our new FrIeNdS

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why, Why Me???

Ok so I need to have a Bree moment here. Do you ever ask yourself Why??? Why Me?
Why can't I sleep in, eat a donut or 2 for breakfast with a big glass of chocolate milk and not have to worry about it?
Why do I have to wake up early and work myself out to the point of throwing up just to get in a swimsuit that day?
Why can't I have perfect hair that will work in humidity?
Why do I always feel like I am glistening in sweat, while the other girls seem to be needing a sweater?
Why is my child the one pulling out a handful of the darling little girls hair on the playground?
Why do we have to grow up and realize it won't get done unless we do it.
And then while sitting and asking myself all of these ridiculous questions I ask myself???
WHY WOULD I WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY, this is me and who I am and I wouldn't change any of it, (ok maybe the sweating part and my child being the little terror on the playground) but I love my life and it is those situations and things that we learn from and are so grateful that our life is what it is. At least my child is capable and physically healthy to play on the playground and live through the Hard Spanking and lecture he received from it. (Still not sure about the sweating thing, I probably would be lying if i didn't say I do really want to change that, hahaha!) Anyway thanks for letting me vent for a minute, Love ya all!

Off to the MoViEs!

In the summer a movie theater chain does free childrens movies. You can just walk into the theater, bring your own snacks, sit down and enjoy. It was really so fun. The kids had the best time with our best friends the Wernli's.  The kids were so excited to go. Here they are posing right before we left.I know, I know these hats are pretty classic huh? MJ found these in Wal Mart and put it on. I thought it was so cute on him so I let him get it but BoNuS it was 2 for 1. Therefore both children were happy for a great deal. Brae I know what you are thinking right now, "you are kidding me." I'm totally one of those people that swore I would never buy goofy things like this, and yet here I am. Lightning McQueen here we are. I just have to laugh, because even looking at this picture I think,"No I didn't buy this for him." But if you only all knew that he has worn it everyday since. Even worse, because not only did I buy it and swear I never would, I also swore I would never let my kid wear it in public, WRONG AGAIN! Good thing he has his Michael Jordan shoes on to balance out the goober in him, hahaha!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The kids have been so into Disney's Cars lately. They were thrilled when we found this little car park in the mall. MJ brings all his cars in a little bag everywhere we go. The other night I caught him playing in his room lining up all of his cars in a perfectly straight line. I walked in tried to help and put the car in line backwards. And boy did I get the lecture, he had every headlight lined up and every bumper. I was then asked,"go out mom!"  It's great to be a Kid!!!                  

not Suppose to be a sNaCk, but oh well

Here we are making the classic Froot Loop necklaces. It was really so much fun. But once again just like the noodles. MJ's necklace ended up non existent as all his cereal ended up in his mouth before even coming close to ending up on a piece of yarn. Sophie did enjoy the snack as well but ended up with mom's help making her necklace which successfully hangs up on the fridge now. And of course you've got to love her pose of holding up her #1 sign with her finger. This would be thanks to all the many different cheer events she has been to in her young life! GO SOPHIE!!

Voila the necklace is finished!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A fun Week!

Just out on the town, look what the kids found.Sophie dancing and snapping.MJ snapping and saying whats up?Sophie on the computer. She knows how to
 work it just as well as I do. Little smarty pants!
Arts and Crafts time. As you can see more pasta ended up in their mouth than on the paper. Thats when mom decided we were all done with this activity.Sssshhhh!! Don't tell dad but look what I caught MJ and Sophie doing. Yes that is my little boy doing what his big sister has convinced him to. Put on the Snow White outfit and Dance around. Someday he will pay for this picture.Caught Ya!
3 Pea's in a Pod!!!  
                            How cute is that stinkin round face with a grin from ear to ear!
A little girl goofing around time. My best buddy!