Saturday, October 31, 2009

Favorite Things

Ok 2 simple favorites this week:

#1 MJ continually drooling, look close I am pretty sure you can see it hanging off his chin in almost every picture. (seriously shouldn't he be done with that by now, WOW)

#2 Sophie and her continual leg pop pose for all pictures. Such a girly girl, I couldn't ask for anything better.

OH how I love them!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had so much fun. We went to our friends the Wernli's were we ate and went trick or treating in their neighborhood with them. Sophie and their little girl Jada are best buds. They were both fairy princessess and loved it. They literally ran through the whole neighborhood arms out to their sides telling us they were flying. It was so precious and adorable they had the time of their lives. As a mother it made me so happy to see my children just love life. OK Now, Come on, Seriously could you get a better looking football player, HECK NO! This costume just fits MJ. People kept saying wow he really looks like a football player of course his father couldn't be more proud. MJ was so funny after every house he insisted on looking in his bag to see what the people had dropped in and then he would eat it as he is running to keep up with the fairy princessess. Needless to say when we emptied the kids bags, Sophie's had twice the amount of MJ's. I have to also thank Mike because while I took pictures and chatted he was a good sport and went up to every door with the kids. Thanks Dad, you are the GREATEST!!
It has been such a fun day and a fun week. I have to say I have never been able to go swimming outside on halloween or remember a halloween that I didn't have to wear my winter clothes under or over my outfit. This was a new way to celebrate!

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward had a fun halloween party. It was a great turnout and we all enjoyed chilli and corn bread. The kids loved running through the gym and playing with their friends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The past couple of weeks our family has been very humbled in realizing how blessed we are to have the Most amazing family. Family is Everything. Thank you so much to all of our family. We love you and are so grateful for your love, support and examples. WE MISS YOU and can't wait to see you in 50 Days, don't you worry I am on the countdown!!

Favorite this Week!

So Since it has been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog as you can imagine their have been plenty of favorite things but a couple that stuck out in my mind were:

Today was MJ's first day of Nursery and he seemed to enjoy it. When picking up the kids I asked sophie how it went with MJ in Nursery with her. She smiled and so cutely said in her little voice,"We are good friends"

The other day sophie walked into the bathroom laughing about something MJ had done and said,"Mom that is PRICELESS"

MJ yelling with his dad at the BYU game. Yelling GO GO and Yes at the ONE TOUCHDOWN we scored. Then Mike asking MJ, "MJ are you going to be better than Max Hall?" and MJ answering without hesitation "YEA!"

Orlando Temple

Our stake had a big Millenial Day Temple trip on October 23. The goal for the Stake was to have over 1000 endowments. That would be the most endowments done in one day ever in the Orlando temple. We achieved the goal and did over 1100. We were grateful to be part of that day.

Girls will be Girls and Boys will be Boys

Oh the days of dressing up and being characters. Here Sophie is dancing in her sleeping beauty dress with her dancing partner Sleeping Beauty. Listening to the song Ever Ever After. Of course the dress comes off and on about 20 different times, "make up your mind Sophie." But I have to remind myself that is what us little girls do. My mom can confirm that I loved to play the parent trap, I had to be each twin changing non stop. Or the memories of Playing Rozz (esther williams) from on an Island with you. And yes to my cousin Whitney I was always Rozz that is what you get when you are the older cousin, haha!!

Miami Metro Zoo

The Zoo was so much fun. The kids absolutely loved it. We saw everything, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Zebras, Elephants, Gorillas, Giraffes, big Lizards, etc. The zoo is huge and all the animals were out and moving (unlike hoggle zoo, blaahhh). It was a blast. MJ and sophie loved making all the animal sounds. And yes I was so proud of Sophie she was good to hold her little need to go potty as I would carry her running trying to find the nearest bathroom. She is the BEST!!

MJ's Buzz

MJ's hair was starting to get a little to long and shaggy. It was so darling with it's bleached out blonde highlights but it is just to hot here, therefore mom gave him the buzz. I think he is just so way to good lookin. Even sophie thinks so. She loves to give him kisses. Funny story the other day in the tub, sophie explained to me that MJ is like Eric and She is like Ariel. So darling so Sophie!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite this Week!

So I know that I don't go into the most detail about our weeks. Therefore I have decided to start this little Favorite things this week, comments, stories, whatever.
The winner this week is.....

Sophie loves to sing right now. We sing every disney, barbie, primary song, Taylor Swift, song that we know. She does it everywhere, at the pool, grocery shopping wherever. People always smile and comment at the store but my favorite by far this week was her singing Taylor Swifts " you belong with me" she sings it word for word. The best is that she is always making faces like she is performing and she closes her eyes on the high parts to really, you know hit those notes. Mike said his favorite is when she sings "Cinderelli, Cinderelli night and day Cinderelli" you know the song from Cinderella.

One more favorite this week:
We decided to try and go to the drive in movies. Mike and I love movies and since going out on a date is a little impossible we thought oh a family activity like this would be sooooo fun. So fun let me tell you we had Cirque de soleil going on in our vehicle. I don't know what was best MJ changing the station so music is blaring, Sophie acting like she is driving honking the horn or one of them pushing all the buttons in the car and changing the a/c to the heater. Seriously an absolutely amazing experience. (Quell I definetly needed a diet Super sized haha)

Fun in the Sun

We love Swimming. We have to brag because Sophie can swim the whole pool. She is such a little fish. Deep end, shallow end you name it she swims it by herself. (Yes Dad, don't worry I still am always watching her.) The kids and I swim everyday, but swimming is always better if daddy can come. The kids love their dad. When he is home that is all they want. And that is all I want. So we all have to share. Man we love our Dad!!! Everytime we go to the pool or out in public I have 3 or 4 people comment on MJ's skin and how tan he is. The other day at the pool a young lady from Brazil asked if my husband was darker skinned, italian or some other race. Because my son is so dark. I kind of giggled and said nope my husband is a fair skinned american boy.

Playing around

MJ flexing is priceless. We got the kids some blocks and they love to build castles. The highlight though is when Sophie puts so much thought and effort into her castles and MJ immediately runs through them, kicking them over and yelling ooohhh! Sophie of course breaks into tears and MJ starts laughing. Gotta love it!

Fun at the Park

Taija's Birthday

This is our little friend Taija. Mj just loves her. She had her #1 Birthday. The kids had a lot of fun. As you can see my daughter was the closest one to the cake and I had to stop her from blowing out the candle. Of course she was the first to have a lick of icing.

The Children's Museum

We went to the Children's museum in Fort Lauderdale. The kids liked to see all the fish, sharks, and turtles. They also enjoyed playing in the children's area they had old bikes, cars, fun tree houses, bubbles. It was a fun friday afternoon. Luckily it was free admission fridays. I have to be honest it is not worth what they normally charge that is for sure, but free you can't complain.