Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary, 5 years!!

Yesterday was Mike and My 5th anniversary. It was such a fun day. We thought we would start the celebration by going out to a little diner by our house for breakfast. Shortly after receiving our food MJ was playing around in the booth and boom hit his mouth on the table hard. He immediately starts screaming and blood is gushing. Yep, his top front teeth went straight through his bottom lip both sides. I was a little freaked but Mike calmly grabbed MJ and we were out of there. Within 5 minutes of the injury MJ stopped crying and was back to his old tricks. The slit wasn't big enough on the front for stitches so we cleaned him up put on some medicine and gave him some popsicles to keep the swelling down. The sad thing is he already has ear infections right now so he is on antibiotics but the bonus is he shouldn't really get any infection. "Happy Anniversary" my husband says to me with a chuckle. So true, what can you do but smile and laugh together. Lucky for us that evening we went to the ChEeSeCaKe Factory, one of our absolute favorite places. Naturally it was absolutely unbelievable. The kids were so amazing and we had such an enjoyable evening all together!

Monday, April 26, 2010

WOW, quiet the CrEw!

Yes, I did let my children walk around the complex just like this!!! Don't mess with the kid in the Helmet! Naturally Soph's pose!
p.s.(Brae I know you are always trying to do your hair like this, Sophie saw a girl with this style too and it looked good, hahahaha!"
First nose bleed, created by her younger brother MJ. It was an accident the two were playing with mom's crochet needles and somehow MJ's got up Sophies nose and the crying began, shortly after came the blood. Sophie was not so sure about putting toilet paper up her nose to catch the blood. So I took it out. We came out of the bathroom and immediately little MJ looks at Sophie and with the sweetest little voice says, "I'm sorry Sophie, I' m Sorry" how sweet is that?! A couple of minutes later Sophie comes out with this huge roll up her nose. Now it is pretty cool because she has fixed it herself. She wore this around for about 15 mins. Don't worry the blood had stopped about 2 minutes into it.The sweet hug and love afterwords.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sophies New Friends

On Friday night we took the kids to the horse track. We had so much fun the kids loved seeing the horses race. But they had more fun at the little play place inside the track. They met these twin brothers Jarelle and JD. These little boys loved Sophie and MJ and ran the whole park with them for a good 25 minutes. They were so darling with the kids.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Favorites this Week/Miss you all!

#1 - Mj's newest saying: "Gosh, Dane it" Yes I know not exactly what you want your almost 2 year old saying. Yes of course he learned it from me, his mother. The best story with this is Mj hit Sophie so later when Mike got home I told him about the events of the day and Mike said "MJ did you hit Sophie" and with a big sigh MJ replied, "Yes,......Dane it."

#2 - Sophies comment: I am doing Sophies hair one morning while Mj is running wild and Sophie frustratedly says" I'm so sick and tired of MJ, aaaahhh"

Family, I love you sooo much. I miss you sooo much! I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.

I can't believe we missed the annual Barron Easter Egg Hunt this year. Thanks Brittnee for blogging about it. The pictures totally priceless. Seriously Jose that was your stretch for the hunt, I'd love to see your stretch for your early morning runs. What are you pushin now 10 miles 5:30 am. Melynne looking good, baby countdown. Love you guys! I'm so glad to hear that Corey and Brittnee won. It is about time someone else got the victory. Cause when Bateman's participate, Bateman's WIN, Hahaha!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Cause, we're the Best of Friends

I love when these two can play together. One minute they are best friends and the other they are enemies. They are so sweet together when they want to be. As I talked to my beautiful mom the other day a little discouraged and holding back the tears as Sophie and MJ had been at war for what seemed like the whole day. She kindly and loving said to me "Well I hate to say this but payback is a (you all know what goes in the blank) All I can say is thank you mom for surviving it through Brigg and I. I've heard the stories and amazingly enough my mother is still alive to tell them. It will all work out in the end. I am living proof as my brother and I are best friends. He is an ultimate example to me and the best brother! While on this topic I also need to thank my sweet mother in law as I am sure, no I know that Mike and her boys put her through the ringer. Pretty sure it was mostly Mike! But Thank you to these amazing Mothers who did a great job and are still around to smile and laugh about it. I LOVE YOU!

BeAcH bUmS

I have learned that my little princess, amazing dancer, and perfect poser girl Sophie is a total beach babe, bum, surfer girl whatever you want to call it. She loves the beach and the pool like no other. She loves to crash into the waves and go out as far as she can by herself without even hesitating. She is a cautious girl but when it comes to water you can not stop her. I love this about her and the cutest comment after the beach while I am rinsing her down as she is a little concerned about the little sand in her tiny rump she says "mom I love Florida so much!"
Then I have MJ who looks more like a beach bum with his dark skin and he is o.k. with the beach and the pool but would do anything to throw, catch, or swing at any ball. For this I am so happy that I have a little energized athlete I couldn't love him more. I am continually amazed at how natural he is at everything and how he can pitch himself the ball and hit it for a home run. Although at times he is my trial I couldn't be more blessed. I love him dearly and I am so proud of him.

I have the most amazing children and love them so much that it's crazy. Where would I be without these little pieces of Heaven. That my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom and Me

Today Sophie decided to bring Sadie with us to the pool so she could push her just like "how mom pushes MJ." I told her of course you can bring her but just remember Sadie can not go into the pool or she will get ruined. "Of course Mom" she says. So I had to snap this picture as we were walking it was so stinkin cute and of course my darling little girl posed. Now I know you are thinking with a son like mine Sadie had to of ended up in the pool. Believe it or not she didn't. I did have to save the doll and the stroller from going into the pool a couple of times but it was a huge success. Then classic little girl comment as we are walking home from the pool, Sophie gets about half way and "mom i can't push Sadie anymore, my hands hurt." So imagine me pushing the double stroller and the tiny stroller I am sure that was quite the picture! Then Sophie says "Mom pushing Sadie makes me nervous" Nervous! where did that come from big words for little girls. She obviously has heard that around. I can't tell you how many times I say that makes me nervous when MJ pulls out the Knifes to play swords or insists on standing on the ledge to jump off whatever possible.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh P.S.

If you are wondering why all of my pictures have a little blur. It would naturally be my almost 2 year old son who felt the need to dip my camera into a cup of water. Things like that are so fun!

BeSt FrIeNdS!

Here is Sophie with her best bud Jada. We went to our dear friends the Wernli's for a fun easter egg hunt and yummy brunch. It was so much fun and Sophie loved being with Jada. They played dress up in every different dress you can think of.

My lil Huckelberry Finn and DaVinci

I know, who knows if overalls are in anymore. But come on when you look this cute in them it is totally ok! And yes she is eating olives out of the can with a fork, I told ya a little huckleberry fin.
Don't worry it is just marker on his face. You will probably notice that their is obviously more marker on his body and my floor then even close to the amount of marker on the paper.